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Brevo vs Mailchimp: Best Software for Email Marketing

Brevo Vs Mailchimp Best Email Marketing Software
Brevo vs Mailchimp: Supercharge Your Business with Email Marketing Magic!
Here, we’re breaking down two heavyweights in the email marketing arena. Choosing the right tool can be a game-changer, so let’s dive in and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Discover how Brevo and Mailchimp can transform your marketing strategy and elevate your business. We’ll cover pricing, user-friendliness, features, deliverability, and customer support, and provide a final verdict, backed by Trustpilot and G2 reviews. Let’s dive in!

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Brevo vs Mailchimp: Quick Review ⚔️💻

Brevo vs Mailchimp Comparing the best

Brevo vs Mailchimp are the two most popular email marketing tool contenders in the field of digital marketing. Email Marketing Dominating the era where every inbox becomes a battlefield for attention.

Key Takeaways to Keep in Mind

They’re a whopping 40 times more effective email marketing software like Mailchimp and Brevo that brings in customers more value than the dynamic duo of Facebook and Twitter combined!

If you get it right, these emails become three times more influential in turning clicks into actual purchases than anything you do on social media. That’s the marketing magic that keeps customers returning for more! 🌟📧✨

🚀📧 Talk about an unbeatable tag team! Brevo vs Mailchimp

What is Brevo? (previously known as Sendinblue)

Meet Brevo, the software company and unsung hero of email marketing! ✉️ Revolutionizing the email marketing landscape.

It is not just a tool; it’s a business ally that helps you create, manage, and elevate your email game effortlessly.

Brevo was founded in 2012 by Kapil Sharma and Armand Thiberge. It has a robotic feature in email marketing Headquartered in Paris, France.

What is MailChimp?


If you’re in the digital marketing game or steering the ship of your own business, chances are Mailchimp has whispered its name in your ear.

Mailchimp stepped into the scene in 2001 and has been on a mission to supercharge your small business ever since. It’s not just about emails; Mailchimp throws in goodies like postcards, Google Ads, Facebook magic, and more to ensure your business stands out in the digital galaxy. 🚀💼

Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool? MailChimp vs Brevo

  • Both Brevo and Mailchimp are excellent email marketing software options catering to different business sizes.
  • Brevo stands out for its user-friendly automation features and cost-effective solutions for large-size businesses. Offer effective subscriber segmentation and CRM features.
  • In comparison, Mailchimp excels in list management, reporting, and advanced templates. Consider factors like ease of use, pricing, and specific features to determine which platform best suits your needs.

1. Brevo vs Mailchimp: Pricing

When thinking about the best email marketing software for your business, the thing you’ll consider is the most cost-effective solution for your company. Brevo is ahead in contrast to Mailchimp when comparing the prices of each.

If you have 5,000 contacts and need to send 50,000 or 60,000 emails per month, here’s a cost comparison between Mailchimp and Brevo.


  • Mailchimp charges $75 for 50,000 emails per month and $100 for 60,000 emails per month with your 5,000 contacts.
  • Brevo allows you to send 60,000 emails per month for only $49, regardless of the number of contacts.

Let’s take a dig at comparing the pricing of Brevo & Mailchimp.

Brevo Pricing:

Brevo is a cheaper option than Mailchimp. It has a forever-free plan. It has a better-paid plan. It has unlimited contact options.

  • #Free plan

If you are a newcomer in email marketing, the free plan provides you with essential features but not all the features, and someone who has a new setup business may not bother about all the features to have if you have unlimited contacts options and 300 emails per day

  • #Paid plan

If your business is substantial and you want to send many emails monthly, Brevo stands out as an excellent option compared to Mailchimp. Brevo provides attractive offers, especially when you explore its more advanced plans.

   1. Starter Plan:

  • Cost: Starts at $9/month
  • Features:
    • No daily sending limit
    • Option to remove Brevo logo (+$12/month)
    • Reporting and analytics tools
    • Customizable email templates
    • Email support

2. Business Plan:

  • Cost: $18/month (price increases with the number of emails sent)
  • Features:
    • Unlimited contacts
    • No daily sending limit
    • Email support
    • Access to all email templates
    • Advanced reporting and analytics
    • Marketing automation
    • A/B testing

3. Advanced Plan:

  • Cost: $65/month (price increases with the number of emails sent)
  • Features:
    • All features in the Business Plan
    • Telephone support
    • Advanced segmentation
    • Landing pages
    • Facebook ads
    • Customizable signup forms

4. Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Custom pricing (based on specific business needs and email volume)
  • Features:
    • All features in the Advanced Plan
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Priority support
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Dedicated IP address
    • Tailored onboarding and migration

Mailchimp Pricing:

Mailchimp plan

Mailchimp has all the basic and advanced features. But the drawback is that if you want to add more contacts pay more.

  • #Free plan

it has a free plan but is only limited to 60 days. The main drawback of Mailchimp’s free plan is that the 2000-contact limit runs out quickly compared to Brevo’s free plans.

  • #Paid Plan

Here are some excellent options available in the paid plans.

1. Essentials Plan:

  • Cost: Starts at $11/month (price increases with the number of contacts and emails sent)
  • Features:
    • Email support
    • Access to all email templates
    • Basic reporting and analytics
    • A/B testing
    • Custom branding
    • Up to 50,000 contacts and 3 audiences

2. Standard Plan:

  • Cost: Starts at $20/month (price increases with the number of contacts and emails sent)
  • Features:
    • All features in Essentials
    • Advanced audience insights
    • Retargeting ads
    • Custom templates
    • Enhanced automation
    • Up to 100,000 contacts and 5 audiences

3. Premium Plan:

  • Cost: Starts at $350/month (price increases with the number of contacts and emails sent)
  • Features:
    • All features in Standard
    • Advanced segmentation
    • Multivariate testing
    • Unlimited audiences
    • Phone support
    • Dedicated onboarding specialist
    • Predictive demographics
Winner: Brevo
Brevo stands out as a robust and cost-effective alternative to more expensive platforms, offering a comprehensive range of features at a highly competitive price point, according to our verdict.

However, Choosing between Mailchimp and Brevo will depend on your specific needs, budget, and the importance of advanced features and support.

2. Brevo vs Mailchimp: Integrations & User Friendliness:

The simplicity of operation is a crucial email marketing factor when choosing between Brevo and Mailchimp.


Brevo Integration

Brevo is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering an easy setup process, intuitive design tools, and robust automation capabilities

  • User-Friendly Interface: Brevo prioritizes an intuitive and user-friendly interface, catering to beginners and facilitating easy navigation for creating engaging email campaigns.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Including a drag-and-drop editor in Brevo improves the user experience by enabling smooth customization of emails without requiring technical expertise.
  • Ready-Made Templates and Visual Content Library: Brevo offers pre-designed templates and a visual content library, streamlining the email creation by providing accessible resources for users to enhance their campaigns.
  • Sleek Dashboard Design: The sleek dashboard contributes to a visually clean and organized user interface, ensuring users can quickly identify and access essential features.
  • Shortcoming in Advanced Designs: Despite its strengths, Brevo falls short in providing some advanced design options, which might limit its appeal to technical professionals seeking more sophisticated customization options.

In summary, Brevo excels in user-friendliness, streamlined processes, and a visually appealing dashboard, but it may not fully meet the needs of users seeking advanced design capabilities


Mailchimp integration

Mailchimp is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, offering a smooth setup process, intuitive design tools, and robust automation capabilities.

  • Mailchimp’s User-Friendly Appeal: Mailchimp attracts a diverse user base with its user-friendly email marketing software, providing an accessible platform for a broad audience.
  • Challenges in Locating Functions: Despite its user-friendly reputation, Mailchimp poses challenges for users in locating specific functions, such as incorporating an opt-in form or designing a landing page. This complexity may hinder the experience for those entirely new to email marketing.
  • Brevo’s Swift Drag-and-Drop Editor: Brevo distinguishes itself with a quick and efficient editor that includes all necessary pre-set options. This feature guides users seamlessly through each step, reducing the likelihood of oversights during the email creation process.
  • Mailchimp’s Extensive Features: Mailchimp offers extensive features, but some may be initially challenging for beginners. This complexity contributes to Mailchimp being perceived as less user-friendly compared to Brevo.
  • User-Friendly Nature of Brevo: Brevo stands out for its user-friendly design, making it more approachable for beginners. The intuitive interface and streamlined processes enhance the overall user experience.
  • Expertise Comparison: While Mailchimp may be less user-friendly than Brevo, it remains competitive and favorable regarding expertise. Users with more advanced needs or experience may find Mailchimp’s feature set advantageous.

Mailchimp is widely known for its user-friendly interface, Brevo excels in simplicity and efficiency, particularly for beginners. The choice between the two may depend on the user’s specific preferences, level of expertise, and the complexity of features required.

Winner: Tie

This round concludes in a draw🤝

3. Brevo vs Mailchimp: Features and Functionality

Brevo and Mailchimp, email marketing automation can take your transactional emails to a whole new level.

Let’s discuss about Email marketing automation of Brevo vs MailChimp.

Brevo: Email Marketing Automation

Brevo Automation

Brevo’s automation features are a powerhouse, allowing users to craft personalized and effective campaigns effortlessly, even without a technical background.

Brevo empowers you to create advanced triggered campaigns by leveraging contact data, email engagement, web behaviour, and e-commerce activity.

What’s truly noteworthy is that you can enjoy all these features without incurring any costs! Considering its affordability, I was pleasantly taken aback by the richness of Brevo’s marketing automation workflows.

These include lead scoring, the ability to test campaigns before activation, and the ‘Best time’ feature, guaranteeing your campaigns are sent at optimal times based on their historical performance.

Mailchimp: Email Marketing Automation

Mailchimp Automations

Mailchimp claims to offer a comprehensive range of automation triggers, when compared with Brevo’s affordable pricing and diverse automation options, it makes one wonder if the higher cost of Mailchimp is genuinely justified.

It’s important to highlight that utilizing Mailchimp’s marketing automation features comes with a cost. The Free plan no longer includes automation, so opting for a paid plan is necessary even for setting up an introductory automated welcome email.

Winner: Brevo

Considering the affordability, richness of features, and ease of use, Brevo stands out as the winner for email marketing automation. Users can enjoy powerful automation capabilities without breaking the bank, making it a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes.

Brevo Template

The template of your email is essential, numerous marketers opt for utilizing the pre-designed templates provided by their email marketing service.

Brevo Template

Brevo offers expertly crafted email templates to assist users in crafting newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other content

  • Template Variety: Over 100 mobile responsive templates
  • Best Practices Implementation: Utilizes best practices for email design
  • Pre-Written Content: Comes with pre-written content for ease
  • Customization Options: Easily customize content, images, colours, and layout
  • Mobile Optimization: Templates are mobile-optimized
  • Design Principles: Minimalist design principles for clarity
Mailchimp Template
Mailchimp templates

With this wide variety, Mailchimp’s templates cover nearly every email need and can be easily customized to match your brand’s style and tone. 🌐📧 You also have the option to generate custom HTML templates using code, a URL, or a. ZIP file.

Template Variety of Over 250 email templates catering to various marketing needs.

  • Supported Email Types: Newsletters, promotions, announcements, surveys, etc.
  • Design Quality: Created by professional designers and optimized for mobile devices.
  • Categories of Templates Include:
    • Welcomes: Perfect for greeting and onboarding new subscribers.
    • eCommerce: Tailored for promoting sales, delivering receipts, and sharing order updates from your eCommerce store.
    • Events: Drive registrations and promote events seamlessly.
    • Holiday: Seasonal templates for festive occasions.
    • RSS to Email: Effortlessly send blog post summaries to your audience.
    • Instagram: Transform Instagram posts into engaging email campaigns.

Mailchimp takes the lead in email templates, offering four times more options that span a more comprehensive range of use cases. This abundance of templates provides a more extraordinary array of choices for crafting refined and professional emails, tailored to various niches and requirements.

Brevo Segmentation

This approach identifies the distinct preferences of customers. Sending emails to curtain bunch of subscribers proves more effective than distributing them to the entire database.

Brevo Segmentations

If you want to increase the engagement of the customer you want to send the email you need to identify the specific need of them. If your content is relevant you will gain the trust of contacts. Your sender reputation improves as your subscribers consistently open your emails.

Brevo allows users to categorize their contacts according to demographics, interests, engagement, purchase history, and other criteria.

With the help of and or logic,

You can focus on email subscribers who both opened an email AND clicked a link within the past 30 days. Alternatively, you can target visitors from a particular city OR those of a specific company size.

Mailchimp Segmentation

Mailchimp Segmentations

Mailchimp offers a variety of segmentation options to help users target their email campaigns effectively. Here are some of the key segmentation options available:

  • Behavioural: Actions like email opens, link clicks, and site visits.
  • Demographic: Involving location, age, gender, and job title.
  • Engagement: Encompassing aspects like email subscriber behaviour and abandoned carts.
  • Custom Fields: Segmentation based on personalized tags or attributes.
  • Automated Customer Lifecycle Segmentation: Categorizing customers as new, repeat, or inactive subscribers automatically.
  • E-commerce Specific Segmentation: Grouping e-commerce customers based on criteria like total order value, products purchased, and order frequency.
  • Targeting Capabilities: Enabling customized content delivery through campaigns, personalization, and automation.
  • Overall Capability: Addressing fundamental segmentation requirements for diverse use cases.

Mailchimp leads with its more advanced segmentation and selective features, outshining Brevo, which covers mainly business purposes.

4. Brevo vs Mailchimp: Email Deliverability:

Email deliverability Brevo vs Mailchimp

How successfully are the emails transferred to subscribers’ inboxes?

Imagine spending hours preparing content, making a work of art that never reaches the intended audience. Think of email deliverability as the guardian angel of your email marketing campaign.


Brevo guarantees effective delivery of your emails, ensuring high rates of deliverability. The following outlines how they achieve this:

A dedicated IP warm-up option and email authentication processes DMARC, SPF, and DKIM provide an additional layer of protection to your email reputation. It also ensures email security.

Generated preview text gives recipients a glimpse of email content directly within the inbox. Automated checks are conducted for each campaign to identify spam-trigger words, broken images, problematic links, and formatting issues.


Email deliverability is not just about delivering email. It is about successfully landing the email into the inbox, not in spam or any other folder.

It has a strong reputation for domain authentication. Mailchimp automatically includes default authentication in your emails, which helps in proving to your subscribers in their boxes that you are what you say you are, which is critical to email delivery.

Mailchimp’s built-in tool makes it easy to set up an authentication process that is otherwise difficult to understand. It employs the latest AI to understand the account behavior and pattern, identifying potential risks before they lead to deliverability issues.

When it comes to ensuring emails reach the inbox reliably, Mailchimp stands out as the superior choice. Mailchimp shines in the category of deliverability by having advanced domain authentication and AI technologies.

5. Brevo vs Mailchimp: Email marketing Customer support

When comparing Brevo vs Mailchimp for email marketing, customer support is a key consideration. Brevo excels with 24/7 support via live chat and phone, ensuring users get timely assistance. Mailchimp, while offering extensive support resources, has more limited live support options, particularly for lower-tier plans.


While still in the process of expansion, Brevo is committed to providing supportive assistance through multiple convenient channels.

When assessing email marketing platforms, customer support is a pivotal consideration.

Brevo provides around-the-clock customer support through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and phone assistance. The customer support team has a reputation for delivering quick and effective responses to the customer.


Mailchimp boasts exceptional customer service that users highly appreciate. Access to a variety of helpful resources a team that promptly delivers personalized assistance characterizes Mailchimp, which has refined its customer support over two decades.

Winner: Tie

Since both are actively involved in providing customer support around the clock, including different forums and platforms, this round is a tie 🤝

Conclusion – Is Brevo better than Mailchimp?

To sum it up, when you look at Brevo and Mailchimp, both are the best software for email marketing for different-sized businesses. Brevo is excellent for making things automatic and is easy to use. On the other hand, Mailchimp is good at managing lists and giving reports, with a vast range of advanced templates and domain authentication for email deliverability.

The price is important too. Brevo is suitable for businesses that are growing, more user-friendly, and easily understandable. Mailchimp is free for small businesses, but it has the disadvantage of a limited contact approach, while Brevo provides unlimited contact options.

It would help if you choose between Brevo and Mailchimp based on what you need and like. Think about the essential features, the price, how easy it is to use, and how good it is for sending emails. This way, you can pick the one that’s best for your email marketing.

Picking the right email tool is essential for making your online business grow. We hope this comparison helped you. If you have more questions or need help finding what’s best for you, just ask in the comments.

Brevo vs Mailchimp Reviews: Trustpilot and G2

Brevo and Mailchimp reviews on Trustpilot and G2 showcase notable differences in user satisfaction and ratings.

Brevo Trustpilot Review
  • Brevo: 4,596 reviews, 4 out of 5 stars (Great). 78% 5-star ratings.
  • Mailchimp: 763 reviews, 1.5 out of 5 stars (Bad). 81% 1-star ratings.
Mailchimp G2 reviews
  • Brevo: 4.5 out of 5 stars. 79% 5-star ratings from 712 reviews.
  • Mailchimp: 4.3 out of 5 stars. 57% 5-star ratings from 12,418 reviews.

FAQs: Brevo vs Mailchimp

Brevo has a super user-friendly CRM that growing businesses prefer. It's like a handy toolkit for marketing and sales – easy to use, relatively Cheap, great value, and perfect for building strong and lasting customer relationships.

Brevo a fantastic email marketing software when you think about what you get for the money. It has advanced features like A/B testing, top-notch marketing automation, and CRM tools that can cover all your email marketing requirements. You can give it a try for free.

At present, Brevo does not provide mobile apps; however, its web interface is mobile-responsive, allowing you to access your account and manage email marketing campaigns from mobile devices.

You can handle calls just like in the browser, and the Brevo Phone app on your iOS device lets you call someone saved in your contacts.

The Android app for Brevo Phone is ideal for businesses aiming to stay seamlessly connected with customers. Additionally, as a marketing app for Shopify, Brevo enhances sales and engagement through its user-friendly features, including email automation, customizable templates, and advanced reporting for creating impactful campaigns.

Yes, the service is excellent with a user-friendly interface. Notably, Brevo stands out by providing exceptional value and features in email marketing when compared to its competitors.

Yes, Brevo's eCommerce dashboard is your go-to tool for tracking customer data, order details, and website revenue over specific periods. It simplifies online store management, from accepting payments to order fulfillment, and offers insightful data analysis to enhance your marketing strategy through tools like Retention analysis.

Mailchimp has stood out as the top choice in email marketing for a long time, known for its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and a range of features suitable for various businesses for eCommerce stores, traditional businesses, and skilled marketers.

For experienced marketers, Campaigner is recommended. GetResponse is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Moosend, suits legacy companies, Brevo is the best for unlimited contacts, and ActiveCampaign, excels in automated email marketing. If excellent customer support is a priority, Constant Contact is the top choice.

It's advisable to explore different email marketing platforms, consider your specific needs, and perhaps even take advantage of free trials to determine which platform aligns best with your goals and preferences.

Mailchimp's drawback in its limitation in the number of emails users can send per month another one is that Mailchimp is missing some basic email templates available on other platforms, which may not be an issue for experienced marketers but can be frustrating for newcomers, hindering quick and easy email creation.

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