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Web based Science resources, based on the Australian National Curriculum, for Primary school teachers.

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PLEASE NOTE: This site will no longer operate from October 22, 2014.

What is inside?  Science resources for Years 4 to 7

  • sorted into topics according to the Australian National Curriculum.
  • with sections for each 'elaboration' of the topic.
  • with each section containing links to resources that can be used immediately in class.
  • with the preparation and research done for you.
  • with more immediately useful material to come.
  • many of which can be used on an Interactive White Board.
  • which are suitable for use with a tablet device.



This service is designed to

  • allow teachers access to sorted, relevant and high quality Science material and information.
  • fit perfectly with the National Curriculum.
  • require no effort...just click and use knowing that the resource will suit the topic exactly.
  • save time. Teachers have enough to do already.
  • be cost effective so that even the smallest schools can benefit.
  • grow and evolve to suit the changing requirements of teachers.
  • allow students and parents to access quality learning materials any time and anywhere. *
  • support teacher understanding of the topics.

What is available? Our service provides access to web based resources such as
  • interactive activities and simulations, many of which are suitable for use on an Interactive White Board.
  • videos.
  • images and diagrams to enrich a topic.
  • informative web pages.
  • useful documents and presentations

and a range of other material .


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* Please note: This is an optional upgrade to the standard service.


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